Noah™'s Ban Appeal

Clone Wars PVP / Denied Applications / Noah™'s Ban Appeal

Posted: 5 months ago / Dec 11, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Dec 12, 2020



Reason for ban (stated on the ban message): "NITRP | You have been banned once before"
Staff member who issued the ban: Miller
Ban Length: 2 1/2 days
Why the ban should be removed or reduced: First and foremost, "NITRP" is not stated anywhere in the rules, and is therefore, a ridiculous reason to ban someone, secondly, nothing that I had been doing up to the point of my ban was anywhere near ban worthy, if it were many people, including staff, would also be banned, thirdly and finally, I admit that I don't take roleplay as seriously as others might, but just because that might offend some in one way or another, shouldn't mean that they can ban someone for something that isn't anywhere in the rules, especially if it is during an event, before anything had even happened.
Name and steam ID: Noah Anderson , Noah™ , STEAM_0:1:128890042

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