I was banned based on the reason <<MOST LIKELY WALLING>>

Clone Wars PVP / Denied Applications / I was banned based on the reason <<MOST LIKELY WALLING>>

Posted: 5 months ago / Dec 07, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Dec 07, 2020



Reason for ban (stated on the ban message): I think an admin was spectating me in some way and banned me for prob hacking (He said i am prob walling and shooting out of render players if it helps i was using a scope)
Staff member who issued the ban: Cletus Nascar
Ban Length: Permanent
Why the ban should be removed or reduced: I really dont think the ban was fair , i was not even hacking if he has some solid proof of me hacking and not just him thinking that im hacking i would like to see it. I think i am pretty decent at pvp in gmod with atleast 400h beeing only pvp. When i got banned i saw that he said i stared at him/Reed and idk how that is possible, i think i bumped into him once or twice but thats not my fault (im saying this cuz when i walked over to a window i couldnt get close to it and cuz i got blocked on the stairs) , how am i supposed to know that he is infront of me when I walk/shoot . What im trying to say is that the ban was not fair at all if he didnt have some solid proof, if i get unbanned someone can spectate me to see that i am good or ok at pvp and not "walling".(i have been banned for a bit now and im already starting to miss the server) I really dont know about the shooting out of sight i was talking to some friends in game at the time and they were saying that there were snipers/paratroopers on the left side so i shot i dont think i got any kills. (I have shot multiple times in the fog based on the info my friends gave me in game and i think i have never gotten a kill this way)

Name and steam ID: Maxy , 76561198106377931 , https://steamcommunity.com/id/Maxytb32/ and my disc is Maxy#3486 (been on the sv since 3.0)

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