Adam Kramer Ban appeal

Clone Wars PVP / Denied Applications / Adam Kramer Ban appeal

Posted: 5 months ago / Dec 06, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Dec 06, 2020



Reason for ban (stated on the ban message):

You are banned by: Rio Kazumiya Arkadia (STEAM_0:0:141933330) Reason: The Only Reason You Wasnt Banned Beforehand was because I didnt have ur steam id.... You will be unbanned in: 1 year.

Staff member who issued the ban: Rio AKA Jack

Ban Length: 1 year

Why the ban should be removed or reduced:
Thats not a valid reason this dude also banned me earlier this morning i joined the discord just to get the content and didnt say anything to anyone and he banned me off discord as well, This dude just is a madmin rage banning people he has beef with I did nothing wrong here.

Name and steam ID:

Adam Kramer


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