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Posted: 5 months ago / Dec 05, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Dec 06, 2020



Reason for ban (stated on the ban message):
Ban is staying.
Staff member who issued the ban: 
Charles S Kerr

Ban Length:
1 Week
Why the ban should be removed or reduced:
I was just playing on the server with some of my friends trying to roleplay and have fun, while of course not breaking any of the 23 server rules. Soon we found out that none of the staff member liked what we did for non given to us reason.. The staff members also wouldn't react to us getting Team killed and we would get punnished for shooting back and no, It was not crossfire as we often got shot in spawn and/or even infront of the server staff. We found ourselfs Hated on the server for absolutely no reason as we didn't minge and/or screw around. 

More specifically what we did was use the 'Allied recruit' job as our own special division and roleplay as that division while still listening to orders from higher ranks and such. 

In my opinion there is literally no reason for a ban when we didn't do anything wrong and/or against the server rules. A lot of the staff members on the servers also make up nonsense rules which aren't listed in the 23 rules on Discord.
Name and steam ID:
Adam Willystroker

Own note:
I would also love to hear the specific reason behind my ban and why we are so much hated on the server why not doing anything wrong.

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