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Posted: 5 months ago / Nov 19, 2020
Edited: 5 months ago / Nov 20, 2020



Steam ID + Discord Name & ID: Bullfrog #0226, STEAM_0:0:45462072.


In-Game Name: Bullfrog 2 / Solotanking since IG 1.0 .


Timezone: Central European Time (Germany).


Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘SAM’ or 'ULX'?: I've been an admin on many servers before and I certainly do know how to use SAM or ULX ,though I will need to kind of get used to it again but that shouldn't be a problem.


Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do.


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:The main reason you should accept me over other applicants would be, that I do have a lot of experience in staffing and basic things like WCD,ULX etc. as I've been a staff multiple times on IG already. To add to that I can be very active on the server and I am pretty neutral in general , like when it comes to staff sits or events.  On the other hand I actually enjoy staffing and I would mainly be SOD while im on the server and will independetly go on duty if it is needed. Lastly I do believe I will fit in the staff team as I do personally know some of the people inside of that team.


Do you have any past experience as staff? Yes, like I said above, I have been a SM,HGM,GM on IG and Admin on other communities like DNG. If you care I've been playing IG since 1.0.


How active are you on the discord & server? I am pretty active on discord but that depends on my school which currently really is taking a lot of my free time away. However I can probably manage to play 2 hours in the week and maybe even 6 hours on weekends.


Why would you like to become staff? My main motivation to become a staff member is for me to kind of "regain" the staffing experience I had on former IG versions. Other then that I'd like to work with people I know / somewhat know like Charles/Gustav and lastly to  make sure that the Enjoyment the server is supposed to give to the players is ensured.


What is the job of a staff member?  A staff member is firstly, to deal with the issues of players or in general just tickets and to fix those as soon as they can. They are here afterall to keep the server in order and to make it enjoyable. Secondly a staff member is there to deal with minges,Cheater,glitchers etc. and ban them according to a time that they seem fit in their opinion or rather according to the "Ban Offences" document. To add to that 2nd point, a staff member is always supposed to be neutral and not be acting according to their personal grudges against some people or even against a side. Lastly a staff member is to ensure the enjoyment of the players with the server by trying to act against toxicity in OOC or just in general letting people have fun and not to ruin the "Semi-Serious-RP". By that I mean not showing up uncloaked in a axis DB for example.


Anything else we should know: Well the only thing I want to add is that I am actually gerwin which many of you may have had a bad experience and incase anyone actually had a bad experience with me I am sorry for that, but I just want to prove myself.

Former Head Gamemaster

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