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Posted: 1 year ago / May 05, 2020
Edited: 1 year ago / May 05, 2020

We are now in the 4th or 5th iteration of this Server and never rly spiced things up with the Name of the Units. They are many interesting german Div. some of wich i will list here: Panzer-Lehr-Abteilung instead of the 15th (Elite Panzer Div and would fit the theme of excessive Tiger and Panther use),The Recruits into Volksturm,17th SS into 502nd SS Jäger Battalion, 12th Waffen SS "Hitlerjugend" or the 2. SS-Panzer-Division „Das Reich“  and to replace the 16th LFD with the Fallschirm-Panzer-Division 1 Hermann Göring (wich is most unique div the luftwaffe ever a mix of Fallschirmjägers, Luftwaffe own Panzergrenadiers etc.)

In the case of the Fallschirmpanzer div it leaves much room on what the Server can do with it: You can give em Parachutes(as Paratroopers were part of it) or make them mechanized

As for more Content i suggest adding event jobs like a Kriegsmarine Infantry for maps like the Uboat bunker, Norway, Paris etc. I also would recommend adding some maps such as: gm_balkans (Has destroyable bridges for even use 1942rp_Oberkommando (Event Catsle Map possible Castle Itter Event,rnl_laststand (,rnl_battleofcarentan (Fixed) (Name says it all interesting location, ponzu_1942rp_luebeck (Downfall Lübeck vibes,gm_ost (austrian country side with castle great for big battles and many many more i can comile an entire list of these Maps wich look gorgeous and make for great Scenarios. We can all agree that we need sth to spice this up come up with new battleplans etc.

With that being said i got one more thing i recommend adding the god damn new  WH Models reeee.



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