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Posted: 1 week ago / Jan 09, 2021
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1. 5 minute NLR timer (You can not return to an area once you die, for one minute).
2. Killing/Robbing in spawn is not allowed.
3. Metagaming (using information you otherwise wouldn't know about in RP) is not allowed. 
4. RDM (killing a Coruscant Civilian without proper reasoning) is not allowed. Storm Troopers can be killed at any point by Civilians. Proper reasoning to kill a Coruscant Civilian are, but not limited to: Taking your territory, robberies, tresspassing, resisting arrest, and gang members that you are at war with.

5. Storm Troopers are to listen to Officers and those of higher rank. Do not leave the Imperial Base as an untrained Recruit. 

6. Do not block entrances to public areas, doorways to buildings or areas within buildings. Buildings you own must have atleast one accessable way through your home that does not force you to crouch/jump. 

7. Lightsaber/Force Users are KOS/AOS for Imperials. 

8. Going on to Imperials with the sole purpose of letting gang mates rob stores/the bank is not allowed. Imperials must actively partake in stunting or stopping such actions.

9. Do not use props to block territory flags.

10. Fear RP is to be respected. When you are outnumbered and are alone, you must follow the commands of those around you if they have weapons drawn. In a group, if you are outnumbered 2 to 1, you must follow the orders of those around you if they have weapons drawn. Citizens cannot attack Storm Troopers if the Storm Troopers outnumber them, one on one fights are allowed, but Civilians can not attack unprovoked if they are outnumbered.


Found a rule breaker? 
Type '@ ' followed by a message to send a report directly to the admins. 

Server Info:

How to Make Money: 

1. Mining

1. a) You can buy a pickaxe from any General Shop for $10. Garbage can be found around the map and looted for Scrap, and iron nodes can be found in the refinery (press M and left click on the map markers to figure out where the Foundry is. Right click to go to Navigate to places on the map and change your map settings). The ore and scrap you get can be given to buyers at the entrances to the Foundry.

2. Deathstick Runs

2. a) Ask around in the Taverns of Coruscant to find a man willing to let you run Deathsticks to their ship for a hefty payment, watch for the Imperials!

3. Gang Printers

3. a) Power in numbers! Join up with a gang and your fellow members can spawn in an upgradable money printer. Watch for thieves. 

4. Arena

4. a) Fight others and bet who will win with differing loadouts! Trial by combat!


5. Paycheck

5. a) Join up with the Imperials and get a constant payment after reaching the rank of Trooper. Keep the streets of Coruscant clean of the Xeno filth and criminals.

Guns and Consumables:

Go to a bar around the map and you can find people selling permanent weapons and one time use guns, aswell as health, elastic restraints and much more. 

Do /ammo in chat to spawn in a free ammo box for your guns.



Imperial Roleplay Guidelines:

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