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Posted: 1 week ago / Jan 07, 2021



What is your Discord Name?: Wyoming#2277

What is your age?: 20

Why do you think you would be beneficial to the player base as a Commissioned Officer (Minimum of 100 words. Please take your time on this and don't rush it):

I believe that a fresh face that isn't “transferring” from your other server allows for new opportunities, i do not come with any of the inherent biases that would come with such players, and thus would have a neutral, open opinion for everyone within the storm trooper corp, which i believe is essential to roleplay and a big responsibility as a CO.

I embarrassingly have over 2000 hours in Gmod and as such have a lot of experience in both star wars rp and others, being a staff member of a very old server called Krako gaming, as well as many a time faction leader. This being a server around 4 years ago which dealt with a similar concept as this one.

Im a university student, and with covid at this time, as long as I complete my assignments and do my online lectures i have a lot of freetime, and as such not only can i play the server, but also have time to invest and learn skills and abilities that i may not yet possess.

I however believe myself to be confident, approachable, and bizarrely having canvassed many a time door to door for my local political party. I have gained a large amount of people and organising skills when working in such coordinated and respected environments. 

In your opinion, what is the Duty and Responsibility of a Commander? :

First i would like to separate this part of my answer between Duty and Responsibility, as i believe one to be more informal than the other, and it's better to identify them as separate ‘requirements’ 


Responsibilities - As a whole I believe that responsibilities of a commander are far more formal than your ‘duty’. My Responsibilities are what is expected of me, of which are my ability to organise, recruit, structure and create stability within the storm trooper corp. This is to be done by providing mature and responsible roleplay, acting as an example to others and ensuring that I am there to advise and assist any recruits, or even higher ups if help is requested of me.I should try to the best of my abilities to not just ensure my roleplay is to a high standard, but to also ensure that my squad, as well as those around me are able to conduct themselves in a manner that is expected within this server. This is not just done by my ability to roleplay however, like i have said I not only need the ability to handle organisation ingame(incharacter), patrols, securing prisoners, enforcing laws, while also working with other departments, other COs and higher. I am also required to act mature and responsible out of character, which means proper conduct and investment within the discord, organization and maintaining of possibly rosters, disputes and other actions that are under my jurisdiction out of roleplay. 


Duty - I believe duty is the more informal aspect of this question, and pertains more towards my ‘duty’ to the playerbase, both within the storm trooper corp and outside. It is my duty to not only follow and enforce mature roleplay, but to also to ensure that people are able to enjoy themselves. At the end of the day this is a game, i cannot allow rank or structure to purpress good, meaningful RP, and as such as a commander, within the confines of the rules it is my responsibility to foster and nurture excellent roleplay for all involved.


How active can you be on the server?: I'm EU time and can be active between 3-8 hours a day(depending on my uni days) 

Is there anything else you would like to add? If not,thank you for filling out the application.:

I'd like to acknowledge that i will not be known to the server like other candidates, and this is honestly because I do not have an interest in WW2 roleplay, however i would like to have the chance to engage in this community and demonstrate that not all COs have to be “transfers” from the previously existing server in order to provide quality and sound roleplay.

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