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Posted: 4 weeks ago / Dec 23, 2020
Edited: 2 weeks ago / Jan 06, 2021



Steam ID + Discord Name & ID: STEAM_0:1:71530211 , Viny Luco#5288

In-Game Name: Vinny Luco

Timezone: Central Time 

Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘SAM’ or 'ULX'?: Yes, I have previusly staffed on servers such as gaming light police RP and other servers

Do you have a microphone?: Yes, and I have spare microhpones if my current one is not working or having tecnicle ussues

Why should we accept you over the other applicants?: I have experience working as staff on multiple other servers sutch as gaming light, Civil war RP, and I am active often hoping on at 9AM CST 

Do you have any past experience as staff? Yes I have worked as a admin on Gaming light Police RP and was a moderator on a Civil war RP that is Sadly no longer up.

How active are you on the discord & server? I am often on at around 9AM CST and stay on till around 7PM CST And am often in the discord when I wam in the server or just triying to talk to people and give them a laugh.

Why would you like to become staff? I want to help players from questions about the rules to reports of another player breaking them and help ensure players are having the best experience they can have.

What is the job of a staff member? The job of a staff member is to make sure the players are having the best possible experience and to ensure doing so by enforcing the rules and improving the community

Anything else we should know: I was a member of Imperium Gaming since 2.0

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