donimik's ban appeal

WWII Axis v Allies RP / Denied Applications / donimik's ban appeal

Posted: 1 month ago / Dec 18, 2020
Edited: 1 month ago / Dec 19, 2020



Reason for ban (stated on the ban message): 3xTK, LTAP
Staff member who issued the ban: Manfred von Richthofen
Ban Length: 3 days
Why the ban should be removed or reduced: Because I legitimately have no recollection of this happening. I was fucking around in base throwing nades far away outside the base, but specifically to places where no goddamn soul would walk (AKA behind the base over the hill). Also, the fact that after I stopped, I was just walking around for a good 10 minutes, but no staff came to me at all. I left because I got extremely tired, so I went to sleep, and next thing in the morning: banned for LTAP and TK.
Name and steam ID: donimik (Damian Rosenwald) STEAM_0:0:47232278

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