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Posted: 4 months ago / Dec 13, 2020
Edited: 3 months ago / Jan 04, 2021



Discord Name & In-game Name: Volker#6412 and Andrew "Volker" Baker

How active are you usually per day?: 5 hours a day at least. 

Are you able to perform 2-3 events per week?: Yes

Do you have any previous gamemaster experience? (If so, please explain): I've been a GM on some smaller servers and some larger ones. I ran a small server where I regularly hosted events myself. 

Please describe an event you would host. It could be a completely new event or a new spin on a classic?: Sealion event. Basically, it would be the Germans attacking the Allies on the beach and landing on it. I would set up the spawns and ensure everything is set up for the event (Spawns, ammo crates, etc). I would then give the Allies a tank or two, some artillery, and some 50 .cals for the bunkers. During the event, I would call out if Arty/Gun runs would be available and ensure that the event is running smoothly and that everyone understands the event and how it works. Every time a bunker or OBJ is capped, I would announce it and give about 3 minutes for the Allies or Axis to recapture it, if not, I would announce its permanent capture. If the Axis capture and hold the forward beach bunkers and hill bunker, I would announce an Axis victory. If the Allies hold all bunkers for the duration of the event, I would announce an Allied victory. 

Anything else you want to say?: N/A

I understand the role of a gamemaster is to put on fair and unbias events. I agree with the best of my ability to make my events unbias. (Sign Here): Volker

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