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Posted: 4 months ago / Dec 12, 2020
Edited: 4 months ago / Dec 13, 2020



Discord: SuBPai
Ingame: William "Talisman" Bishop

How active are you usually per day?: I get on daily around 430-500PM EST unless a special event comes in

Are you able to perform 2-3 events per week?: Yes, Ideally id like to do one Every Day though.

Do you have any previous gamemaster experience? (If so, please explain): Yes, I used to be a GM back in Imperium 2.0 With the Luftwaffe and RAF, aswell as with the Tankers on the Axis side. I was also an Admin at the time

Please describe an event you would host. It could be a completely new event or a new spin on a classic?: Id like to do Events that are fun for both parties so i would keep it Simple but interesting. Like have the Germans defend top secret Blueprints from the Allies in an Alternate Attack/Defend style mission with a clear objective other then "Hold the building for 5 minutes", instead it being "Recover the Blueprints and return them to main base"

Anything else you want to say?: Not Really No, other then id like to again try Unique events not normally done

I understand the role of a gamemaster is to put on fair and unbias events. I agree with the best of my ability to make my events unbias. (Sign Here): William "Talisman" Bishop

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