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Posted: 3 months ago / Nov 20, 2020
Edited: 3 months ago / Nov 21, 2020



Steam ID + Discord Name & ID: (

STEAM_0:0:155627024 / Pupperino#3253

In-Game Name:

Dietrich Kraiss (May change to old name Pupperino Bupperino)


EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Are you familiar with the administration mod known as ‘SAM’ or 'ULX'?:

Yes both

Do you have a microphone?:


Why should we accept you over the other applicants?:

Im already known in the IG/WW2 AVA Community a fair bit. I got laid off from my job so im currently open with a ton of free time so getting on and logging massive hours is a breeze. Im cool under stressful situations and can hold my own even without other staff, I can be supportive or just overtake things on my own if needed and can do anything required.

Do you have any past experience as staff?

Yes, Im currently SD On Lombardia Networks, Have past GM Experience on IG and easily over 100 Hours of staffing on Darkrp Server, as well as a Military RP Server.

I forgot to list that I've hosted 4 Darkrp Servers, 1 Unturned Server, 1 Rust server and 2 Ark SE Servers.


How active are you on the discord & server?

On the server I can be extremely active, Easily able to log many hours daily. On the discord I can be active. Sometimes I am sometimes im not but usually I will be active.


Why would you like to become staff?

Theres no doubt LN has been dying, At this rate I fear the server will shut down and IG Was my OG Server, I didn't start playing until 5.0 But I stayed even when a large portion of the staff team left in 5.5/6.0. Im not loyal to servers but to an extent, If a server is starting to die ill try my best to keep it up like IG 5.5/6.0 But when it has sunk to far, You need to get on the raft.

Not only that I just like WW2 AVA RP and helping keep the gamemode alive is what I enjoy


What is the job of a staff member?

T-Mods - Admins usually handle basic player - player issues, Like TK, Whitelisting, ETC. GMs handle events and keep players entertained but can help with standard staffing when needed. Anything higher (High Staff) Handle stuff behind the scenes like promoting and demoting staff, Basically ranks from Head Admin/GM And up to Owner.


Anything else we should know:

I know you know I applied on my Alt Erich Von Manstein, I'd like to explain myself for that. I had talked to Tsuruki about how I wanted a back up when LN Died and hopefully make it my main. I did not have any intention to harm the server, Both IG And LN Servers I care about and I don't enjoy back stabbing people or servers, I simply wanted a back up incase or when LN Had died.

I also know a lot of people don't think im fit for high ranking positions like staff/CO. I heard a lot of the problems people say about me, I figured out a lot of those issues and have been working on fixing them to try to change your views on me, Hopefully you can give me a second chance because I'd like to prove I can change and be better. 

Also, If I do get this staff rank I don't intent to go past the rank of GM/Admin or Senior GM/Admin. Other than this thank you for reading my Application.

5.0 - 183rd VolksGrenadier StabsFeldWebel

5.5/6.0 -183rd VolksGrenadier OberLeutnant

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