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Posted: 3 months ago / Jun 01, 2020

In-Game Name:

So you want one or all of them? I'll give you the rundown:

101st ID PVT Billy Randall
29th TK PVT Billy Randall
15th PS SCHTZ Merrick Von Karma
17th SP SCHTZ Merrick Von Karma
3rd FM FLG Merrick Von Karma

Former Names:
 29th TK SSgt Billy Randall (Back in 3.0)
3rd or 101st  (I think) RO SSgt Randall ( Back in 1.0)

Discord Name and ID: 
Mr. Bullseye II (#2809)


STEAM ID:  STEAM_1:1:70881271
Age: 19 


Timezone: Eastern Time (EST)


Have you previously been a gamemaster for a server (if so what server and what community)?:  

I've been a gamemaster for a Ex-Star Wars RP server called Forsaken Servers. It now no longer exists because the owner didn't get enough money from the server to keep it up.
I am an Ex-Gamemaster for Imperium Gaming back in 3.0 Axis Vs. Allies. Charles was the guy that "Evaluated" me during my trial events. If you don't believe me, ask him.


Why do you want to become a Gamemaster? (150-250 words) What types of events could you bring to the table? (Be detailed)

Well, from what the looks of it, the community seems to be going under some turbulence because of a lot of staff and COs resigning. I want to give the community one last shot of some activity on the server despite I am completing summer classes for college. Personally, I am not seeing a lot of activity from the Gamemasters on hosting events for the server. I would like to at least try and make some effort to help get some events rolling for the server so it can get populated a bit for the summer. I have the experience, so I would like to at least see what I can do for this community.... again. Events should be going on 2-3 times a day if the server wants to be populated. Also, I have experience on both sides of the server. (Axis and Allies.) If an event wants to be unbiased, the gamemaster (personally) should play both perspectives of the participants during these events to see how an event should run without players complaining that it's "Biased".  I did have somewhat of a "positive" reputation among players back when I was a gamemaster in 3.0. I am no CO or NCO right now in this current "version" of the game, but I have played for this community for quite some time. It's up to the staff and current gamemasters to decide whether or not I should take this position again. I am not going to sugarcoat everything, I am just getting to the point. Take it or leave it. If I do get this position again, I will make a decent effort to bring some variety and popularity to the server again. Like I said previously, I won't be upset if this application gets denied. I am just making my offer now while the community is undergoing turbulence. 

I like to have my events inspired by other games or just layout differently.

Reverse D-Days  (Inspired by COD 2 Campaign: Basically the Germans are on a counter attack against the Allies. The Allies are outgunned and must hold at least one of the defense lines for time period. Of course there will be support for the Allies but they must keep one of their defense points intact. Germans can get some heavy equipment since most of the time they are outnumbered in playerbase. Allies will periodically get some new support units and reinforcements as the time goes down.

Soviet/Allied Encirclement of Berlin: We can use Frankfurt (Surprisingly) for the Reichstag. If not 1944 RPG Town, with the town house. Basically this is like Reverse D-Days for the Allies except the Axis are on the defensive. They must hold out Berlin against the allied forces in order to make a standing ground for the Fatherland. Both sides will receive motorized and artillery support. Axis must hold the Reichstag/Townhouse

I also like to do some Fictional Events in such a theme as "Undiscovered" Nazi Experimental Projects. Back in 3.0, I made a mini-trilogy of a fictional event where the Axis have been experimenting with human soldiers to become SuperSoldats or Juggernauts in the efforts to "Win Ze War". Juggernauts basically have an oversized buff of HP, with MGs but they were kinda slow. Not gonna lie, making a "Infection" style event sounds like a fun idea to do in the future too.

Finally, I was known for making some good downtime events such as a recreation of COD Zombies with people strip and only having pistols and mystery box for new weapons. Surprisingly, a lot of people enjoyed those.  I can also do some Dirt Rally Races but with Tanks/Automobiles and cringeworthy stuff..

A Gamemaster is required to host 2-3 events a week. Can you do this?

I can multitask with my college life and do some events for this server. This shouldn't be a problem.


Also, a Gamemaster is to not have a favorite side and is to use their abilities wisely.(Spawning tanks/artillery) Explain why this is so. (50-100 words)

Isn't it obvious? If a Gamemaster is Biased to any side, it will not make the event fair. If the event isn't fair, then it won't be enjoyable for the players. Less enjoyment equals decline of playerbase and the decline of playerbase leads to a dead server and a shutdown of a community. Bam, I just made it to the 50-word requirement and got to the point. Literally, there shouldn't be another paragraph for this.


Finally, to show your creative side, we want to see an event format and plan that you may do for an event.  Please demonstrate what you would do for an event of your choice. Creativity with maps and ideas splitting from the simple format is great to see fyi.

The encirclement of Berlin (Maybe Stalingrad if there is a good map for it): 

The Germans are standing their ground in the city, they must defend a specific crucial center building against the Allied Forces. They must hold out the city for a certain period of time. Allies Forces are supposed to take the building and uno reverse card the Germans in defending the building for a certain period of time. This goes on until someone beats the time period.

Axis will be giving some artillery pieces, emplacements, and maybe a tank or 2 at the start to use and create defend positions around the outskirts of the city.  They will have a grace period to set up their defense lines. Allies will be given some motorized vehicles and artillery support at the start to begin their encirclement. As the allies take over defense lines, they will receive more reinforcements as in tanks or artillery strikes. Same thing goes for the Axis if they are holding their center building for a certain period of time. 

Basically, Axis is awarded support for defending the center building for specific periods of time. Allies is awarded support for taking over defense line and other situations. 

Insert the COD WAW Russian Theme ingame track and you got yourself a meaty event. 


Any other information you would like to tell us?  Charles is kinda gay. Micheal is as Crispy as Ever. And my boy Cappuccino (Pupperino), is pretty alright.

Jokes aside, this application is just an offer to make some effort to help. I am not too concerned on what happens with this application.

29th TK PVT Billy Randall
3rd/15th/17th SP PS FM SCHTZ/FLG Merrick Von Karma

War Never Changes, No Matter The Era.

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