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Posted: 3 months ago / May 31, 2020
Edited: 3 months ago / Jun 01, 2020



Discord Name + Tag: The Milk Man#9264

Ingame name: Malcolm Milchmann

Why do you want to be staff? 

I want to be staff so that I can help enforce the rules, and eventually run events as a game master. Specifically I want to help encourage players to continue playing by listening to them and acting in any way I can to help provide justice. After I have reached high enough within the staff team, I want to join the game master team to work on making more hands off events, where player actions matter more and staff intervention is less yet still present.

Why are you better staff than other applicants?

I am the third most active player on the server, and I have a clear vision for what I want to do as a staff member. I am also quite adept with the english language, being that it is my native language. Other than these points, I also am familiar with gmod, having over 1 thousand hours in the game total. 

Why are good, non-abusive staff important to an overall better server experience?

Staff is a powerful position, so having the mental fortitude to understand right from wrong is important, as well as the ability to remove bias from your work. To be non-abusive is to embody these qualities, which are imperative to the integrity of the position of staff. Server experience hinges on the quality of the server itself and the staff on it, so being non-abusive is very important. 

 What is your greatest weakness as a staff member?

My greatest weakness as a staff member is lack of empathy for complaints of bias. Other than that, there isn’t much I can think of. 

Do you agree to the following;

- To not abuse your rank as staff?

- To set an example for players?

- Act as unbiased as possible in staff sits?

- Respect a 3 strike punishment system?

- Report abusive staff to your higher ups?

- Collect evidence and use logs/spectate in sits when possible?

- Keep staff announcements unmuted so you can read any important updates?

- Not use your staff powers in RP unless necessary?

Say yes/no here: Yes

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