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Posted: 4 months ago / May 23, 2020
Edited: 4 months ago / May 24, 2020



In-Game Name: Alexander (Allies) 


Discord Name and ID: Franz Luftwurg


STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:27859761


Age: 15


Timezone: GMT +1


Have you previously been a gamemaster for a server (if so what server and what community)?: I was Gamemaster In about 3 communities, but i retired from them a while ago.


Why do you want to become a Gamemaster? (150-250 words) I want to become staff cause i am with Imperium Gaming from about 2 Years, I do love this Server, but also I really want to help you guys administrating rules etc, I would also love to do events as I have past event staff Experience, I do know how to use ULX Commands (!bring , !goto , !cloak , !uncloak , jail (amount of time) (name) (Used in RDM on Sits, or trying to run from the sit). ), I also am VIP, but it does not matter, I also know how to make a event.I would also take administrative duty if no one takes it, helping players to balance things, helping whoever is in need and of course going on duty so i am completly ready to help people in need, such as a guy claiming for NLR I would bring the man and then ask for proof, if there are no proof i would check the logs and then bring for the suspect, then i would deal with the sit, warning the man for NLR.


What types of events could you bring to the table? (Be detailed)  A Event could be D-Day event (Famous Example), US Forces storming the beaches, their first goal is to make sure they can hold the beach, taking cover behind wrecks, rocks, bodies, etc. then their secondary goal would be storm the first bunkers t hen proceed to the top one, when they have captured atleast two bunkers they will have two advantages, 1 DD Tank and one Artillery/Plane strike on their choosen location, after they got the top bunker they can request some DD Tanks, the max will be 4, 2 in the battlefield, the Axis will get themselfs 3 Tanks, then they will assault the mansion, timer will start whenever each team holds it, timer will be 6 minutes.


A Gamemaster is required to host 2-3 events a week. Can you do this? I can do 2-3 Events each week, I am avaiable every day basicly.


Also a Gamemaster is to not have a favorite side and is to use their abilities wisely.(Spawning tanks/artillery) Explain why this is so. (50-100 words) I would surely not favorite either Axis or Allied side by giving them better weapons, better tanks, better vehicles etc as it could seriously unbalance the game and make also some people complain, thats not what i really want to do, i want to make every each of my events Balanced, not giving Axis a Tiger, and if I do i want to make sure allies get a chance to counter that tiger of course, i also want to make events as realistic as possible to make the players Enjoy.

Finally, to show your creative side, we want to see an event format and plan that you may do for an event. Please demonstrate what you would do for an event of your choice. Creativity with maps and ideas splitting from the simple format is great to see fyi: Once again i will make the example of the famous Bloody Omaha, First of all I would not make a mistake that i saw some gamemasters do, I will first make the debrief on the map they are On, The Allied Debrief would be like: " Troops, Today is the day we free France from the Axis Invasion. ", While the Axis Debrief would be like: " The Allies are trying to land on France, these fools think they will defeat us and free France. " Or something like that, then when everyone is ready i would change the map to the D Day Map, Then the allies would prepare themself, i would make sure the axis had everything they needed, such as ammo boxes, etc., then I would start the battle telling that to capture a bunker it must be held for 3 minutes, after the first 2 bunkers got captured a DD Sherman would be deployed, then they would capture the middle one and move up to top Bunker, capturing it takes 4 minutes, then they would move to capture the mansion, which will take 5 minutes.

Any other information you would like to tell us? I would like to tell you, Sorry for the grammar, I am not native English as i am italian myself, also I would really say sorry if you do not understand some parts, when i copy and pasted the format from word counter some parts really messed up.

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