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Posted: 6 days ago / May 22, 2020
Edited: 5 days ago / May 23, 2020



In-Game Name: B.King

Discord name and ID: swimmingdude2014#9013

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:141360245

Age: 16

Time zone: GMT

Have you previously staffed for a server (if so what server and what community)?: Yes, the XYZ Network (Police RP), and multiple FiveM servers.

Why do you want to be staff? (250 word minimum): I wish to become staff for Imperium Gaming WWII because in the early hours of the day, not many staff are on and there are a lot of rule breakers, which is frustrating for players as no one is there to deal with it. I am also often on during the busier hours when there are more rule breakers, so I can assist the current staff team with meeting the demand of staff requests submitted. I have been staff in both Garry's Mod servers and FiveM servers, however staffing a gmod server is a lot more interesting as there is always a variation in the staff requests, whereas on FiveM it is always the same rules being broken which gets incredibly boring for the staff. I have a lot of patience, and I am rather mature, meaning I can deal with the staff situations calmly and swiftly to ensure everyone can have a good time on the server while abiding by the rules.
There is often toxicity on the server one team wins an event, which is unpleasant for the winning team and new players on the server. I wish to ensure that new players do not get pushed away, and existing players continue to enjoy the server, as we are all here to have fun. Toxicity always ruins the fun, which is why I wish to help the staff team ensure that people are always being kind to one another. I am quick to pick up all systems used on servers, and I am knowledgeable in the running of servers, so I am able to assist people with technical issues they may have.

What makes a good staff member, and what makes a bad staff member?: A good staff member is one that not only uses their permissions for what they are intended, but also one which is mature and calm, and is able to deal with situations in a swift and rapid way. A good staff member should also treat everyone in the same way, and always remains impartial. A bad staff member is one which abuses their power, and is biased towards certain parties. A bad staff member will usually become noticeably angry or rude with people when dealing with situations, which leads to the players distrusting the staff. 

How many hours can you play in the typical day?: 2-5, depending on the day, be it a weekend or weekday.

Anything else you would like to add?: No.


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