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Posted: 2 months ago / May 07, 2020
Edited: 2 months ago / May 10, 2020



In-Game Name: 29th ID TK Alexander

Discord name and ID: POLDO#7250

Steam ID: Can't find it, sorry.

Age: 15

Time zone: GMT +1

Have you previously staffed for a server (if so what server and what community)?: I am currenctly staff in the OH (Outer-Heaven) Vietnam RP, Which is now turning to a Medieval RP.

Why do you want to be staff? (250 word minimum): I am a very experienced staff member, i know what to do and i am also a good game master, i am very familiar with the ULX Commands and i have 2 weeks in the server, i will not abuse my commands, and Etc. these may be 250+ Words, but  i cannot prove my skills by writing them, but my showing them.

What makes a good staff member, and what makes a bad staff member?: A Good staff member would be one that always helps people, doesn't abuse ULX Commands and Physgun, that always helpful and active, a bad staff member could be one that abuses, doesn't go on duty, etc.

How many hours can you play in the typical day?: 4-5

Anything else you would like to add?: I do not have anything to add, at the moment.

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